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How work gets done and where work happens are constantly evolving. Today’s workplace is really an ecosystem of interconnected and interdependent spaces where people come together to collaborate, focus and find privacy. We help balance this diversity of workplace needs with your business goals to deliver the best solution for you. As a team, we drive creative and effective space solutions that meet the needs of your business, people, and brand.

We know that when people connect with a shared purpose, in a setting that supports the way they work, there is a positive correlation with employee engagement. Engaged employees are the engine that propels an organization forward. They are more productive and generate more ideas, fueling the innovation which drives business results.


Accenture Corporate Interiors


Minneapolis architecture firm HGA was hired to design a new office space based on the Accenture Workplace 2.0 model, a free address workplace strategy that prioritizes space for collaboration.

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Mead & Hunt Public Space

Mead & Hunt

Mead & Hunt is an engineering and architectural firm that has been in business for over 100 years. They are multi-disciplined, have over 30 offices, and work both domestically and internationally.

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Olson, Minneapolis MN


The fast-growing Minneapolis creative agency Olson’s stated purpose is to build and activate brand communities, utilizing equal parts strategy, creative and technology.

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Workplace Trends

Power of Place

Power of Place

We understand that when people can come together with a shared purpose in a place that delivers not only what they want, but the things they need, it can activate engagement by enhancing their physical, cognitive and emotional well-being.

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Work Cafe

Work Cafe

Today employees are working longer and harder and they need a work environment where they can meet, work, network, socialize and re-energize. More and more employees are choosing to work away from the office.

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Lounge Spaces

Our furnishings are comfortable, elegantly purposeful, and beautifully crafted to cross over – between offices and homes, meeting rooms and social spaces, and wherever else creative people want to feel inspired about their work day.

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