Promega is a global biotechnology firm headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. Their sprawling campus incorporates offices, research and development, and manufacturing in a variety of innovative and sustainable facilities. The Kornberg Center is an R&D facility completed in 2021 that provides laboratories, office space, and a wide range of collaborative areas.

As Promega’s main furniture vendor for over 25 years, Atmosphere partnered with the Promega team and Ramlow/Stein Architects throughout the planning process. End user workshops began three years before move-in to gain feedback on priorities for the new building. That data informed pilot spaces and design development, with collaboration and technology emerging as key themes.

Strong communication between Promega, Atmosphere, and Ramlow/Stein helped a complex project run smoothly despite outside challenges caused by the pandemic. The resulting facility reflects Promega’s forward-thinking, innovative culture and supports a range of work styles with inviting and creative spaces.

Architect: Ramlow/Stein
Photographer: Tricia Shay Photography
General Contractor: Kraemer Brothers


Atrium Conference Rooms Lounge area Fireplace Lounge Small Conference Room Workspace Workspace

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