Brody by Steelcase

Introducing the Brody WorkLounge and Desk. Designed to be good for your body and good for your brain.


Thread simplifies power distribution, providing power to the devices we use and the places where we work and learn.

Node by Steelcase

The Node school chair is mobile and flexible. It’s designed for quick, easy transitions from one teaching mode to the next, unlike traditional school desks and chairs.


Node chair, by Steelcase
Revving student recruitment via campus redesign

Iconic academic institutions, like Oxford and Cambridge in the UK and Princeton and Yale in the US are renowned not only for their education but also their stunning architecture.  Unfortunately upkeep of these buildings is extremely expensive. Plus the design is not as functional as it could be to fit a modern day student’s needs.…

Students in a tech world
Tech A BFF of Online and On-Campus Course Strategy Success

Technology has taken the academic world by storm and completely redefined the design of classroom spaces. Online learning has gained in popularity and made education more accessible and flexible. But technology has its own set of challenges for college administrators and professors, especially if the programs offered include courses that cater to not only online…