This state-of-the-art facility is designed to address the systemic healthcare inequities faced by El Paso’s Native American and Hispanic citizens in their outdated clinic, a space that was unable to serve nearly 40% of its low-income tribal members. The new facility is built to “treat the whole person” and provides medical, dental, and behavioral health services, and community-based services like alcohol and substance abuse treatment.

Through a series of in-depth design discussions amongst Atmosphere, tribal representatives, and the Steelcase Grand Rapids team, we created a tailored solution that focused on patient and provider well-being while optimizing real estate and reflecting their brand within the space.

Administrative spaces include glass-encased meeting rooms, paneled workstations, private offices, and executive conference rooms. The on-site pharmacy, optometry, dentistry, and primary care spaces feature a variety of soft and guest seating options, desking, task seating, Steelcase Convey modular casework, and youth furniture.

The community kitchen, which will host instructional healthy cooking classes for the Tribe and El Paso community, includes mobile stools and flip-top training tables, allowing participants to learn and experiment at standing or seated height.

Location: El Paso, TX

Architect: Carl Daniel Architects

General Contractor: Jordan Foster Construction

Date Completed: 3/1/2023

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