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We returned to our offices in 2020 after implementing new design principles and new products to keep our people safe, productive, comfortable and in control. Whether you can visit us in person or virtually, we can take you on personalized tour of our newly adapted spaces and applications.
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Workplace Design + Employee Mental Health

The past three years feel like a string of unprecedented events that have been both detrimental and beneficial. Living through a period of uncertainty, even if the outcome is positive, can test our collective mental and emotional health. Our professions can be a source of stability, and employers want to create conditions where employees feel…

personal space

Can I get a little privacy please?

Work looks different, and for those who are returning to the office, privacy in the workplace is important for many reasons. For some, the return to the office is an opportunity to focus and get things done. It means individual workspace and (ideally) fewer distractions. Given the rise of open concept workplaces, the return to…

workplace neighborhood

The New Hybrid Neighborhood: A Workplace Worth the Commute

Despite employers’ best efforts to entice everyone back to the office with free snacks and fun events, people are dragging their feet. Their reluctance isn’t about COVID: If you look at the data, far more people have been to a restaurant, movie theater or traveled on an airplane than who’ve gone to the office, according…

flex personal spaces

The Future is Flexible

As people return to offices it’s clear they will expect the same flexibility and autonomy they enjoyed while working from home. But hybrid work is not just about giving people flexible schedules. Flexibility must also be built into the workplace itself to meet the evolving needs of hybrid work — which, according to research from…

An Opportunity to Create an Inclusive Work Environment

To say how and where we work has changed would be an understatement. Gone are the days of busy office complexes flooded with people and packed parking lots. Now, corporate campuses and downtowns are more sleepy than busy as workers opt to either stay home or enjoy some kind of hybrid arrangement. In fact, 61%…

Virtual Health: Where Comfort is King for Practitioners + Patients

The Covid-19 pandemic was a catalyst that led to several changes in our behavior, both subtle and extreme. Curbside pick-up quickly became the standard on items ranging from four-course meals to toothpaste and sunscreen; Zoom coffee dates replaced those that previously happened “IRL” (in real life); and spending five days at the office became a…


Equity and Inclusion in a Hybrid Work Model

The pandemic delivered an unprecedented depth of appreciation for the remote work experience and how it could increase feelings of inclusiveness. With some or all members of a team participating virtually, the shift in dynamics created new opportunities to participate. As our comfort with and understanding of remote work expanded, so did the desire to…

GBC 2E Social/Collaboration Zone – Better Is Possible

Planning for a Hybrid Work Model

This month, we’re thrilled to share key learnings and guidance on hybrid work models from Carlene Wilson, President & CEO, Atmosphere According to research by Steelcase, people value the office because of the authentic connection to people, company culture, and purpose that enhances their sense of community and increases productivity. How then do we establish…


What’s Next for Hybrid Work

Hybrid work is not a blend of both worlds but is unique on its own merits and has impacted remote- and office-based work. As we enter year three of intensified hybrid work practices that includes work-from-home team members, we have been reflecting on our own journey, and where we’re headed next. In 2020 our office-based…


A Place to Focus: Designing Away Distractions at Work

Focus. It can feel impossible in a world of never-ending distractions. Whether at home or work or anywhere else for that matter. There is always something competing for your time and attention. For many, working from home has provided much needed flexibility in their day, but being home is not without its distractions. Perhaps you…

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Navigating the Ever-Changing Return to Office (RTO)

It’s déjà vu all over again. Here we are, nearly two years into the pandemic and businesses are still pushing back their return to office dates. Of course, the safety and health of everyone is top of mind, and with COVID-19 variants ruling the day, many employees simply are not comfortable going back. But the…


The Benefits of a Nomadic Environment in the Post-Pandemic Office

As employers around the world navigate bringing their teams back into the office, many are faced with the challenge of assigning seats or moving towards a more nomadic environment, and the resulting impacts on their real estate. And with many workers having almost a year and a half of work from home under their belts,…

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Our Return-to-Office

MN 4th floor

Returning to work – our Minneapolis Worklab story

As we re-enter the workplace, our Minneapolis team is approaching this challenge as we would any project; we are listening, learning, and drawing on research from our partners at Steelcase. We are scrutinizing our Worklab through a new lens, bringing in subject matter experts, and gut-checking our theories with team members and leaders. The safety…


Returning to work – our Madison Worklab story

We are implementing our Return to Work program this week and want to share an example of how we have adapted our Madison, WI Worklab. Along with changes to the space itself, we are rolling out new protocols for caring for the space and personal hygiene, as well as how to safely conduct a tour…

PHX Post-Covid Distancing

Returning to work – our Phoenix Worklab story

Our Phoenix team has been invited back into the worklab full-time after two weeks at reduced density. Prior to re-entering, the team at Atmosphere Services completed a deep cleaning, sanitization and disinfection of our space. Information on these cleaning services, which we are now offering these to our clients, can be found on our website. In addition, our regional leadership team collaborated to roll out new protocols for…