Our re-open plans included rethinking our workspaces with new design concepts and new products to keep our people safe, as well as expanding how we invite clients and design partners in to experience a variety of work settings and applications. Whether you can visit us in person or virtually, we can take you on personalized tour of our ‘new normal’.
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HGA Thrivent project
The Importance of the Office

The impact of a global pandemic on offices and urban centers has turned our industry nearly upside down. The combination of disrupted supply chains, vacant commercial real estate, and safety measures— like physical distancing— have left many wondering what the value of office space is anymore. And rightly so. With billions invested in real estate and maintenance of the workplace, companies would be…

Atmosphere CI Showroom
Pivoting to a post-COVID office

Facility managers, corporate architects and designers have been reacting with a myriad of design and product solutions to safely bring people back into the workspace, including redefining how space is laid out, more mindful technology integration to unite off-site and onsite workers, creative outdoor footprints, and exploring anti-microbial finishes— once only typically used in healthcare applications. Based on our survey responses, almost…

BV Nordic
A Thoughtful Return to the Office

Organizations have made accommodations to meet COVID-19 state and local mandates under ever-tightening economic conditions—and must balance these changes with an eye on their budgets and the health of their business and people. We have seen a spike in interest in work-from-home corporate programs, screens, and reconfiguration services. We consider much of the activity in recent months as exploratory work that helps…

Evolving Workplace Guide

To navigate the transition back into the office, we are listening, learning, and drawing on research from our partners at Steelcase. Learn how we’ve planned our own return to the workspace and how we can help you prepare for yours by reading our Evolving Workplace Guide.

An Interview with our CEO about the post-COVID Office

 This post is part of our ongoing exploration into workplace strategies in a post-COVID environment. Transcript Terri: Hi everybody, I am Terri Jackson, I am the Real Estate Workplace Consultant at Atmosphere Commercial Interiors, here in our Minneapolis office. And I’m joined today by our President and CEO, Carlene Wilson. Hi Carlene! Carlene: Hi…

Furniture Cleaning Services

As a supplemental service to Janitorial, our furniture cleaning services will create a clean environment for your employees returning to work. We utilize EPA and CDC recommended methods and materials, and our team members receive extensive training and wear protective personal equipment that meets strict health and safety protocols.

COVID-19: An international perspective

The outbreak in China Anne Wethington, our International Specialist, happened to be in the United States at the end of January when she got the phone call. “We were managing the logistics for furniture that was produced in China and scheduled to deliver between late February and early March to various projects located in India…

Star Trib2
Returning to work – our Minneapolis Worklab story

As we re-enter the workplace, our Minneapolis team is approaching this challenge as we would any project; we are listening, learning, and drawing on research from our partners at Steelcase. We are scrutinizing our Worklab through a new lens, bringing in subject matter experts, and gut-checking our theories with team members and leaders. The safety…

After rendering-Madison WI worklab
Returning to work – our Madison Worklab story

We are implementing our Return to Work program this week and want to share an example of how we have adapted our Madison, WI Worklab. Along with changes to the space itself, we are rolling out new protocols for caring for the space and personal hygiene, as well as how to safely conduct a tour…

Returning to work – our Phoenix Worklab story

Our Phoenix team has been invited back into the worklab full-time after two weeks at reduced density. Prior to re-entering, the team at Atmosphere Services completed a deep cleaning, sanitization and disinfection of our space. Information on these cleaning services, which we are now offering these to our clients, can be found on our website. In addition, our regional leadership team collaborated to roll out new protocols for the…

Staying Connected Through Technology

In the wake of COVID-19, the world’s workforce has gone almost entirely online. And while telecom solutions like Zoom, WebEx and GoToMeeting have been around for years, this unique situation has pushed companies to discover exactly what works best for their teams in a time of crisis. With dozens of conferencing options at your fingertips,…

The Importance of Vulnerability

These are truly turbulent moments in time. Our current global pandemic is affecting all of us and has disrupted the rhythms of our daily lives. So much of our time now is spent in virtual meetings and on phone calls, trying to understand constantly changing information, new rules, and pandemic terminology. During this, I also…

Operations Update

Due to the evolving conditions under which we’re working, we want to share an update on the operations side of our business. We spoke with Nate Bauer, Senior VP of Operations for field services and distribution centers, Mat Grasseschi, Operations Manager for Wisconsin, and Catherine Mika, VP of Client Experience, to provide answers to questions…

Lookbook: Special Edition Spring 2020

We could have never imagined that while our marketing team was planning our spring edition of Elemeant, we would be working from home navigating a global health pandemic that is requiring us to practice physical distancing. Our biggest focus is on the health and welfare of our team members, our clients and our community as…

A guide for cleaning office furniture

Your furniture is an important investment, which is why we are committed to sharing the latest and best information for cleaning and disinfecting. Steelcase has compiled a comprehensive resource for cleaning different furniture and material types, as well as helpful explanations of cleaning terminology. Click for more information and a guide that you can download.


Navigating What’s Next: The Post-COVID Workplace

How should we design the post-COVID workplace? A new guide from Steelcase offers strategies and ideas to bring people back to work safely.

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