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The New Role of Nurses

Before overhauling an existing design, it’s wise to consult with those currently using the space. The healthcare industry, once notorious for only…

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Working Green: Office

According to Duke University’s Center for Sustainability and Commerce, the average person generates 4.3 pounds of waste per day. This…

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From the Bullseye to Blue – How Atmosphere Came to Be

Our 2015 emergence as Atmosphere Commercial Interiors was fast, exciting, and sometimes daunting. But we have been in business for 40,…

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The possibilities of a shipping container

Sustainable Office Design for a Green Tomorrow

London architect James Whitaker loves to have fun as is evidenced through his office design for an ad agency in…

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Holiday Inn's New Look, Transformative

Welcome Home: A New Look for Holiday Inn

Home Away From Home. Yes, we’ve heard a lot of hotels talk about this but very few have actually taken…

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10 Global Hospitality Trends 2015

Global Hospitality Trends Redefine International Tourism

The Cornell Center for Hospitality Research recently identified quite a few global trends that are reshaping international travel and directly…

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2015 Hotel Trends include amenities

Hotels As Homes: 5 New Trends in 2015

Hotels. Motels. Inns. B&Bs. Airbnb. HomeAway. Mobile homes. Couchsurfing. Tents. When it comes to choices for stay, vacationers and business…

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2015 CRE Trends

Hot Trends in Commercial Real Estate

2015 is already being heralded as an outstanding year for the commercial real estate market. From sellers to buyers to…

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Workplace Transformed for Millenials

Redefining the Workplace for Millennials

City or suburbs. In this day and age of telecommuting, WiFi, mobile devices, and people choosing to walk, bike or…

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Bioinformed Design Paving Inroads in Hospitals

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are the bane of every hospital. Strategies are put in place to reduce bacteria and viruses. But,…

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Reshaping the future for bariatric care

American healthcare facilities are seeing an influx of patients suffering from obesity-related issues. Unfortunately due to their unpreparedness, we see…

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Lots of options

Amp Up Your Productivity Through Design

Getting your employees’ work mojo going at full volume can be a tad challenging. So how can you help them…

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