Holiday Inn's New Look, Transformative

Welcome Home: A New Look for Holiday Inn

Home Away From Home. Yes, we’ve heard a lot of hotels talk about this but very few have actually taken…

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10 Global Hospitality Trends 2015

Global Hospitality Trends Redefine International Tourism

The Cornell Center for Hospitality Research recently identified quite a few global trends that are reshaping international travel and directly…

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IHG Americas Owners Conference Review

You know what it’s like when you go to a party and don’t really know anyone? You hang out with…

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2015 Hotel Trends include amenities

Hotels As Homes: 5 New Trends in 2015

Hotels. Motels. Inns. B&Bs. Airbnb. HomeAway. Mobile homes. Couchsurfing. Tents. When it comes to choices for stay, vacationers and business…

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IHG Guest Speakers

Tales from a Hospitality Trade Show (IHG Americas)

Day 1: Monday, October 27 We land in Las Vegas, NV, early Monday morning, or, late Sunday night to locals…

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The Culture of Care in Hospitality

TED Talk: Jan Smith on the Culture of Care in Hospitality

Play VideoWhat’s next in service for the hospitality industry, a culture of care: Jan Smith at TEDxTemecula Did you ever wonder…

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What’s next for Marriott International

Marriott International executives and institutional investors gathered recently to discuss the latest trends in the hospitality industry, the company’s financials,…

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