AHA Bronze Award

Omni Workspace Company Achieves Bronze Recognition From the American Heart Association

The American Heart Association recently announced the names of companies across the US who achieved recognition status through the AHA’s…

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Iora Primary Care, Littleton CO + multiple practices across the U.S.

Iora Primary Care offers a unique approach to healthcare, with a primary care model that is designed to treat the whole…

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Health and Wellbeing Blog

True Health and Wellbeing – Part 1

We are delighted to introduce our newest guest blogger, Kat Turner. Kat is a Senior Account Manager, Healthcare and Education Specialist…

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Senior Living: Designing a More Thoughtful Environment

Senior citizens are redefining the meaning of a “full life” by living longer, thanks to continuous improvements in medical innovation.…

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shutterstock_215235673 (2)

The New Role of Nurses

Before overhauling an existing design, it’s wise to consult with those currently using the space. The healthcare industry, once notorious for only…

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Bioinformed Design Paving Inroads in Hospitals

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are the bane of every hospital. Strategies are put in place to reduce bacteria and viruses. But,…

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Reshaping the future for bariatric care

American healthcare facilities are seeing an influx of patients suffering from obesity-related issues. Unfortunately due to their unpreparedness, we see…

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Thoughts on a Healthcare Design Revolution

Thoughts on a Healthcare Design Revolution

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA,) healthcare design is going through a complete revolution. Overall patient experience is given…

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Healthcare Facility Trends

Redesigning Recovery for the Healthcare Industry

Due to the Affordable Care Act, the healthcare industry has finally received a well-deserved kick in its pants. Patient outcomes…

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heartbeat watch_shutterstock_240994096

Medicine is Entering the Space Age Era

Remember those days when every time we had the flu or cold, we rushed to see our doctor? Well it…

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The Minimalist Face of Healthcare Equipment

The Minimalist Face of Hospital Equipment

In this day and age of minimal space, technology seems to be taking the place of large hospital equipment. Tech…

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Optimal Healthcare Environment Design

Healthcare Staff Need Optimal Work Environments Too

Healthcare companies are finally paying attention to their own staff’s comforts. Dedicated spaces for workers are getting a much needed…

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