I believe that the work we do should evoke joy, creativity, and a bit of sass into our lives. Since our spring issue of Elemeant, I’ve had an overload of all three as I had the pleasure of visiting NeoCon and Steelcase HQ.

NeoCon was about embracing and celebrating the beauty in maker items- layers of texture, comfort and imperfections, and pushing new ways of thinking. We are seeing the impact of this through the heavily-used Steelcase Marketplace tool that quickly connects new brands with designers.

Steelcase HQ inspires teams to think differently, challenging how they are choosing to work throughout the day. In their Ampersand team area, the choices available are quite literal as they test Flex- the new collection that is made to move fluidly from shared to individual spaces throughout the day. The full line was on display at NeoCon, and I’m happy to report that our WORKLABS have also been recently testing the collection!

It’s an exciting time for creativity and pushing boundaries in the modern office. I hope you’re as inspired as we all are!

Natasha Fonville, Brand Manager

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