Minneapolis Worklab Glow-up 

Our Minneapolis WORKLAB recently completed an exciting refresh with the goal of bringing teams together into neighborhoods to enhance in-person…

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How important is workplace culture when work can be done anywhere?

For many, workplace culture is a top priority and concern as uncertainty about the future of the workplace remains nearly…

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Atmosphere is a learning organization

The concept of a ‘learning organization’ is not new, in fact its heyday occurred in the mid-90’s. However, as we…

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Four Women — Four Workstyles

Every person has a way they work best and an environment they prefer–while we aren’t always able to choose where…

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Making core values a driving force in our culture and a part of everyday life – Part III

Our team members shared how they make core values a part of everyday life: I incorporate the core values into…

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Core Values Development: Part II

Recognizing that we needed to take a critical look at our current values, we formed a team of leaders who…

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Core Values Development: Part I

At Atmosphere, our culture can be described as accountable, team-centric, learning-oriented, and high-performing. We are deeply engaged, focused on growth…

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From Art to Mindfulness: Atmosphere Takes on #2019GOALS

The beginning of a new year always brings a period of reflection on last year’s highs and lows and a…

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One Year Later

On my parent’s seven and a half acres, you can count one horse, a smattering of barn cats, a handful…

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AHA Bronze Award

Omni Workspace Company Achieves Bronze Recognition From the American Heart Association

The American Heart Association recently announced the names of companies across the US who achieved recognition status through the AHA’s…

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IIDA-Wisconsin Earns Gold Chapter of the Year Award

IIDA-Wisconsin received the GOLD award for Chapter of the Year from IIDA Headquarters, scoring highest out of all chapters internationally.…

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The Atmosphere Intern Experience- Meet Elise

Hello! My name is Elise Loveless, and I am the Marketing Intern for Atmosphere Commercial Interiors for fall 2017. As the semester…

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