Folio Nourishment Cafe by Steelcase

Folio casegoods deliver progressive, modular storage designed around the changing needs of healthcare places.


The Empath recliner is designed to reduce stress and the potential for injury for both patients and clinicians while increasing physical and emotional connectedness.

Sync by Steelcase

Designed to support clinicians in action, Sync workstations facilitate collaboration between colleagues, connection to patients and access to technology and information.

Regard Lounge by Steelcase

The Regard modular lounge system supports times of transition to make every moment more meaningful.

Verge Chair by Steelcase

Available in three heights, the Verge stool provides a quick and comfortable place to sit as clinicians collaborate with each other and connect with patients and families.


AHA Bronze Award
Omni Workspace Company Achieves Bronze Recognition From the American Heart Association

The American Heart Association recently announced the names of companies across the US who achieved recognition status through the AHA’s Workplace Health Achievement Program.  We are excited to share that Omni Workspace Company, Atmosphere’s parent company, has achieved Bronze recognition after just one year of re-igniting the Positive Pulse program. Many companies do not achieve…

Health and Wellbeing Blog
True Health and Wellbeing – Part 1

We are delighted to introduce our newest guest blogger, Kat Turner. Kat is a Senior Account Manager, Healthcare and Education Specialist in Phoenix, AZ. She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and is working towards a NANP Certification as a Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Practitioner. She serves as the…

Senior Living: Designing a More Thoughtful Environment

Senior citizens are redefining the meaning of a “full life” by living longer, thanks to continuous improvements in medical innovation. This has forced long-term care (LTC) organizations to reassess their current space and better plan for the future. Leading the charge in the assisted living (AL) market is Epworth Villa, who are re-tailoring their services to…

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The New Role of Nurses

Before overhauling an existing design, it’s wise to consult with those currently using the space. The healthcare industry, once notorious for only taking into account the views of administrators and doctors, are now increasingly including nurses in construction redesign discussions. Nurses as Leaders in Healthcare Design: A Resource for Nurses and Interprofessional Partners, a new book from…

Bioinformed Design Paving Inroads in Hospitals

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are the bane of every hospital. Strategies are put in place to reduce bacteria and viruses. But, as Ms. Cahnman rightly questions in her article in Healthcare Design Magazine, “In our zeal to create an ultra-clean patient environment, are we actually removing ecosystems that can help heal?” Apparently researchers have now created…

Reshaping the future for bariatric care

American healthcare facilities are seeing an influx of patients suffering from obesity-related issues. Unfortunately due to their unpreparedness, we see a huge gap in terms of demand and the ability to serve this niche patient group. Only private medical businesses that deal with bypass or other types of weight-loss surgeries currently offer specialized bariatric care…

Thoughts on a Healthcare Design Revolution
Thoughts on a Healthcare Design Revolution

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA,) healthcare design is going through a complete revolution. Overall patient experience is given more priority. Sara Marberry, a renowned thought strategist in the healthcare industry, has some amazing thoughts to share regarding the other upcoming trends influencing the healthcare design sector. Accountability The days of hospitals mooching off…

Healthcare Facility Trends
Redesigning Recovery for the Healthcare Industry

Due to the Affordable Care Act, the healthcare industry has finally received a well-deserved kick in its pants. Patient outcomes and HCAHPS scores are now tied to reimbursements. And patients have more of a voice when it comes to their care. This has galvanized the healthcare industry into providing more strategic services. The shift from…

Kimball Health

Kimball® Office has introduced a new line for the healthcare market, Kimball® Health. The range includes casegoods, patient overbed tables, and seating. CASEGOODS Sanctuary – see more photos, request a quote TABLES Overbed Tables – see more photos, request a quote SEATING Alpine – see more photos, request a quote Saffron – see more photos,…

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Medicine is Entering the Space Age Era

Remember those days when every time we had the flu or cold, we rushed to see our doctor? Well it looks like technology will be playing a more pervasive role in our lives. If the tech pundits are to be believed, we’re going to be more reliant on tech in the near future—from sensors that…

The Minimalist Face of Healthcare Equipment
The Minimalist Face of Hospital Equipment

In this day and age of minimal space, technology seems to be taking the place of large hospital equipment. Tech is more portable, accessible and adjustable. And far less cumbersome and time consuming. GE Healthcare, with its latest solutions, directly addresses clinicians’ fast paced lifestyle—allowing them to be nimble and diagnose patients more efficiently. Discovery…

Optimal Healthcare Environment Design
Healthcare Staff Need Optimal Work Environments Too

Healthcare companies are finally paying attention to their own staff’s comforts. Dedicated spaces for workers are getting a much needed redesign, all in an effort to punch up employee productivity as well as recruitment and retention. The trend has translated to a number of design demands, from break rooms that look more like business-class lounges…