Atmosphere’s seven locations span four states, from the northern heartland to the southwest.  Our offices tell the story of how we craft spaces that illustrate the connection between our purpose, our places and most importantly, our people. Each Atmosphere office is designed to attract and support a talented staff, and to showcase a variety of innovative, modern furniture and finishes, engaging and inspiring our employees, clients and partners alike.

We have a nearly 55,000 combined square foot canvas to work with. No small task considering we refresh our spaces every few years to ensure we’re providing best-in-class workspaces, showcasing current trends, and allocating space to meet our business needs. A regular cadence of renovation ensures we’re applying the latest insights gained from our industry partners and data we gather from team members. The design and execution are models we use to learn from and hone our capabilities, assuring that we continuously deliver premier contract furniture, services, and insights to our clients.

This “work lab” approach gives us flexibility to make sure each team member is supported with the best tools and work environment possible while allowing clients to experience first-hand how products and finishes generate solutions that meet a variety of needs. Each office combines working space for our team members with fresh approaches to real-world workplace issues, like integrating places that support well-being by providing room for quiet, reflective thinking, as well as embracing the dynamic creativity of shared team spaces.

Our office spaces tell a story and convey our purpose and brand. They accomplish this by delivering environments designed to support, engage and inspire, which aligns with our corporate purpose of enlightening organizations to the connection between people, purpose and place™.

Visit Locations to learn about the unique history of each office, and view photos or take a virtual tour.

Photo credit: Kyle Zirkus Photography

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