Listen as a new season of Steelcase Work Better podcasts launches to bring together business leaders, researchers and designers to offer fresh perspectives on what workers want and need to have a great experience at work.

How are you feeling these days at work? If you’re like a lot of people, you might be struggling.

The adoption of hybrid work has changed a lot of things – not just where and when you work, but also our relationships at work. How we build them. How we nurture them. And how we sustain them. Those relationships at work are really important to how we feel about our overall experience.

How we work has changed dramatically – regardless of where you work and on which days. This season, Work Better will move the conversation beyond who’s doing hybrid work and when.

Let’s explore how work is changing and how to make it better.

Episode 1: Conflict, Communication + Discomfort with Amy Gallo

work better podcast

The adoption of hybrid work has changed a lot of things – not just where and when you work, but also our relationships at work. How we build, nurture and sustain them. Amy Gallo shares tips on how to rebuild our relationships at work in Episode 1.

Episode 2: Learning Is the New Pension with Heather McGowan

work better podcast

A pension is a thing of the past for many people. Heather McGowan makes a strong case for learning as the new pension. Hear why in Episode 2.

Episode 3: How Your Brain Makes Friends with Robin Dunbar

work better podcast

How are relationships at work changing in the hybrid era? Robin Dunbar, one of the world’s leading experts on friendship, studies the science behind our relationships in Episode 3.

Episode 4: Be Happier at Work with Jenn Lim

work better podcast

Who doesn’t want to be happier at work? Jenn Lim says she knows the formula for creating happier workplaces. Listen to Episode 4 to learn more.

Episode 5: Pop, Tech + Culture with Marcus Collins

work better podcast

We’re all trying to influence how people behave, according to Dr. Marcus Collins. Hear how his work with cultural influencers like Beyonce and Apple will help you harness the power of culture within your organization in Episode 5.

Episode 6: Learning Is a Social Event with Anya Kamenetz

work better podcast

Episode 6 focuses on the work happening in our classrooms, including how online and hybrid learning is impacting kids and teachers.

Episode 7: Gen Z: Power + Possibility with Jean Twenge

work better podcast

What does Gen Z really want in the workplace? Dr. Jean Twenge helps us understand the power and possibility of the youngest generation at work which is on the cusp of making up nearly 30% of the workforce. Find out more in Episode 7.

Episode 8: How to Go From Insight to Action with Laszlo Bock

work better podcast

Laszlo Bock shares tips on how to go from insights to action — improving the relationships between leaders and employees one nudge at a time in Episode 8.


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