Versatile, flexible, customizable. 

Gradient, by new Atmosphere vendor Pair, is designed to adapt as your organization’s needs evolve over time for the focus or collaboration you can’t get at home. 

This new system offers a complete collection of interlocking, adaptable settings that create spaces to be arranged and rearranged as many times as you wish. From Collaborative areas to heads down workstations, Gradient has you covered.

Beam: The backbone of the Gradient system, the beam provides power and data access. Attention to detail through softened corners, simple assembly, and endless color options make it perfect for any space. 

Desks: Height-adjustable Gradient desks are paired down to feature two cylindrical legs in the front and a frame that locks the desk into place in the back. This innovative design feature declutters space underneath the work surface and makes for a clean silhouette. 

Collaborative Tables: Integrated and freestanding tables support a wide variety of settings for heads down work, huddles, and collaboration. Convenient power solutions help you stay charged and displays allow for content sharing with ease. 

Screens: Creating carrying degrees of visual separation, screens increase acoustic privacy or layer on functionality by creating tackable and/or writable materials. Screens are easily removed and reinstalled without tools. 

Storage: Storage allows spaces to be designed for both shared and individual needs. Pieces can be nested within the power beam or placed anywhere to define spaces.

With its varied finishes and materials, Gradient can take on a style that is quiet and reserved, or fun and funky. 

Gone are the days of buying office furniture that locks you into one floorplan forever. To learn more about Gradient and transform your space visit Pair!

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