The Future Needs Creative Thinkers

Steelcase and Microsoft share a passion for helping people at work. Together, they understand how the integration of place and technology can unlock creativity. On March 3, 2017, Steelcase and Microsoft announced a new partnership to support creativity in the workplace through a new range of places and technologies to enable the creative process.

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Through this partnership, Steelcase and Microsoft are introducing five new Creative Spaces, designed to bring together space + technology.

Each of the five spaces is intentionally designed to support the needs of individuals and teams as they move through the different stages and activities of the creative process. This collection of thoughtfully curated destinations brings together design and materiality without compromising performance.

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Steelcase CEO Jim Keane shares the story of how the customer is at the center of this new partnership at

I’m delighted that by working together and leveraging new insights, Steelcase and Microsoft can begin to help customers unleash creativity and enable a new level of productivity and competitiveness.

Jim Keane
President and CEO, Steelcase

Jim Keane, Steelcase

Microsoft Surface | Steelcase and Surface believe the future of work is creative

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