Our Minneapolis WORKLAB team is in the final stages of reconfiguring, installing and completing our large, 29,000 sq ft remodel in the historic Young Quinlin building in downtown Minneapolis. The fresh, new products, innovative technologies and finishing touches have truly transformed our space into something nearly unrecognizable.

To get to the point of near-completion, the project team partnered closely with operation experts to manage the phasing of the WORKLAB transformation through tear-down, rebuild, installation, and move management. It was vital to us that the space remained usable and that our nearly 100 team members remained as undisturbed as possible while in the office. To help ease the stress of construction, we worked hard at making sure that team members were engaged and a part of the project. Regular timeline communication, floorplan walk-throughs, tours and product guides all helped to ensure that employees were on the same page and understanding of the changes around them.

In addition to the exciting range of new products, a large portion of the remodel also introduced advanced technologies and way-finding tools. Configuring products and technology together allowed us to offer our team members and clients a smarter, more seamless and user-friendly WORKLAB.

“This is a breakthrough project for us, because we have openly embraced third spaces, leading-edge technologies and cultural cues into our design strategy.”

Kari Anderson, Insights Consultant and Project Team Lead

Even during periods when the dust was at its deepest, team members, clients and partners could feel the energy emanating from the new design.  Now that we’re added the finishing touches, the space exudes a comfort and confidence that leaves a lasting impression on everyone who experiences the space.

We continue to post progress photos to our album, check out our amazing transformation!

The Atmosphere is changing here. We can’t wait to share it with you!

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