Lands’ End Business was looking for a few modern and stylish spaces for their Fall Catalog photo shoot. They scouted our Madison office and determined that the space reflected their vision for an authentic, inspiring and uniquely-Wisconsin workspace. Once the shoot was scheduled, Atmosphere team members prepped for a fun and busy day with Lands’ End Business bringing in models, their photographer and a whole behind-the-scenes crew who kept the photo shoot running smoothly in the background of a typical work day.

We selected Atmosphere Interiors to shoot the associate level models—dressed very casually in jeans and polos. The color scheme of this facility was well aligned with the color palette our creative team envisioned, with warm reds and neutral tones that establish the visual aesthetics of the fall season. The unconventional office environment with plenty of open space gave this location an authentic ‘young professional’ ambiance.

– Behind the Shoot: Fall 2017 | June 20, 2017 | Lands’ End Business blog

We were delighted to host Lands’ End Business and it was exciting to see a professional photo shoot firsthand.

Joining us as representatives of ‘Madison Life’ in the Lands’ End Business Fall Catalog are EatStreet, a Madison-based food ordering & delivery tech company, and Ovation 309, a luxury apartment building in downtown Madison.

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