Key Zones: Innovation Center

example of a meeting area in an office


This space is designed for deep collaboration, supporting the cycle between individual and collaborative modes throughout the duration of a project. Settings are planned purposefully to accommodate project needs over time, while promoting connection across the table or across the globe.


This workspace invites to individuals, such as mobile workers, who are transitioning throughout the day between projects and tasks. Located close to the concierge, and with easy access to work tools that help workers manage their day, the workspace gives individuals everything they need to be productive.

example of a social area in a work place


This inviting space promotes both intentional and chance encounters with coworkers. It supports social behaviors around connecting with others to help foster a community of innovation.


The Resident Zone is a workspace designed to grow expertise and community within their discipline, the resident neighborhood supports workers who are tethered to technology and have assigned workspaces.


A Resource Center is the host for the innovation space supports the tools, culture and processes that are necessary for innovation. This space houses the work tools and shared materials that support the residents of the innovation center.

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