Selfie in Brody while working on Blog
That’s me working in a Brody, my personal island-of-productivity.

Hello! My name is Asia Cruz, and I’m working as a Marketing Intern at Atmosphere Commercial Interiors during the summer of 2016. I work at the Young Quinlan Building on the corner of 9th and Nicollet in Minneapolis. I was asked to share my impressions of working at a company that specializes in working well. So, in addition to learning the ropes of marketing the brand, I am immersed in a work culture that feels both interconnected and innovative.


When I began interning at Atmosphere, these acronyms seemed like a foreign language, with all sorts of jargon flying at me when I least expected it. Meetings and projects all seemed to draw from industry facts and terms I didn’t yet understand, and I was sure the day would never come when I could decipher the complex demands of the commercial furnishings industry.

Diving In

So when I got the chance to work on real projects, I was a bit nervous to say the least. However, a big part of interning is the exposure to new opportunities, so I did the best I could to learn as much as possible before tackling the cryptic but exciting customer-facing projects on behalf of Atmosphere. Thanks to the incredible team here, I got the help and support to conquer any task that came my way.

First up for the summer came a project that would test my understanding of the relationship between branding and design. Though still new to the office, I got the chance to work cross-functionally to help the sales team form lasting relationships – how cool is that? We worked through multiple iterations of a branded flip-book until finding the best combination of personalization, service offerings, and product marketing to draw in potential clients.

NBD Flipbook

Beyond this, I learned a lot about how different people function to achieve their goals. For example, Atmosphere Commercial Interiors took part in MinneCon, a tradeshow that showcases new product introductions, hosts educational programs, and offers networking opportunities for designers and manufacturing representatives. This event needed the coordination of the team behind it, as well as the brand materials that could pull it all together. I was so excited to be a part of the event, and went to work dreaming up the possibilities for the graphics.

Our space came a long way from the empty booth it once was, and I am so pleased to have seen and helped the vision come to life. Below is a photo from the event, showcasing Steelcase Brody and Thread for the modern workplace, as well as an interactive showroom for healthcare providers.

FullSizeRender (7)

While it would be unreasonable to claim that I now know it all, I am learning so much every day, and feel more confident with industry terminology. Atmosphere has taught me so much in regards to teamwork and determination, and I can’t wait to see what task I’ll get to do next with the amazing people who work here. And as for the acronyms? Request for Proposal – Got it. Architecture & Design – check. Request for Information – of course. Now, on to the next project!

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