Planning Resources

Our design team provides strategic exploration and planning services as well as thought starters, typicals, renderings and final installation drawings.

We work with your design team to suggest applications that address issues of ergonomics, sustainability, flexibility, budget and aesthetics, and help visualize spaces and functions complete with finishes.

Product Application

We offer Product Application expertise that includes product solutions which satisfy specific design and client criteria.

Product Specification means we provide detailed product information including dimensions, appropriate options, finishes, cost and lead times.

Budgeting includes estimates of product costs and associated service costs to assist clients in establishing budgets.

We will also provide acceptable Product Alternates as budgets dictate.

Design Visualization

Interactive Design Experience

We work together to create designs that meet your project requirements and provide an array of layout, product, and finish options. We can also adjust drawings on-the-fly, making collaborations easy between project team members. The design experience from visualization to specification utilizes leading-edge technology such as CET Designer, AutoCAD, SketchUp and Revit.

Our team will provide photo-realistic images of your space to help you make decisions quickly.  Design specifications are connected to our Order Management system, which means quotes are generated quickly and updated instantly so you can track your budget in real-time.

Fly-through animations provide a preview of how people can move and interact with space.