Campfire Screen

Enclosed in mesh, turnstone’s Campfire Screen creates an office oasis by providing semi-private boundaries.


Divisio side screen allows workers to adapt their space instantly without tools: they can remove the screen to facilitate collaboration or add it on any work surface to create privacy.

Privacy + Modesty Screens

Privacy and Modesty Screens create separation and provide boundary in open environments. They easily attach to the Series height-adjustable tables and any Universal worksurface to meet the needs of your workspace.


Portable and user-deployable, Clipper freestanding screens by turnstone deliver on-demand privacy + space definition to any space.




Xorel Artform


Felt Studio


Privacy Cove

Perfect for use in retail, higher education, hospitality and office settings, the Privacy Cove by Safco creates semi-private spaces in any open area. A two-way stretch fabric with heavy-duty zipper for a secured wrinkle-free graphic, paired with quick assembly, make this lightweight frame an easy privacy solution for any space.