Reimagine your workplace—and how you pay for it.

As the only captive finance company in the industry, Steelcase Financial Services can provide smart alternatives designed to fit your needs at below market rates. And the entire Steelcase portfolio of products and partners is eligible. ​

By stretching your furniture purchase into monthly payments, you have more financial flexibility.​

​Financing can also give you the flexibility to update your space more often. We offer fair market value leases, so you can return furniture and explore new ways of working. This can be especially great for spaces like ancillary touchdown areas. You can refresh as new trends emerge. It’s also eco-friendly. No need to worry about disposing of old furniture; at the end of your lease, Steelcase will take back the furniture and dispose of it through one of our planet-friendly channels.

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Why Finance? Flexibility.

  • Cash flow support​
  • To refresh their space ​
  • Flexibility for unknown future needs ​
  • Lowest payment option​
  • Lowest interest rate option​
  • Most flexible option​
  • Eco-friendly option​
  • Hard and soft-cost options​
  • Deposit financing priority​
  • Multiple projects or phases ​
Download Financing Guide