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Please join us at noon on April 29th for Deconstructing Sustainable Jargon


Join us virtually with Jill Alberico from Global Furniture to deconstruct sustainable jargon to shed light on sustainable practices, certifications and bodies the commercial furniture industry has put into place to ensure that we remain focused on the wellbeing of the environment around us. Although we hear many of these terms and references on a daily basis, we may not fully understand the meanings and relevance they have within our industry. This course breaks terms down to gain a better understanding of their contribution and overall importance within our industry.


Course Information 

This CEU is IDCEC approved under course code CEU-104751. 

Subject Code: 5. Technical Knowledge/20. Sustainable and/or Environmental Design


About Jill Alberico

Jill Alberico is the Director, Learning + Workplace Strategy and a leading presenter for the Global Furniture Group in the US market. Her 34 year career started as an Interior Designer, planning and designing with many products from leading manufactures in the office furniture industry in the Canadian market. Jill was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario Canada and now resides in Tampa, Florida.

Along with her creative talents, Jill has also been engaging and presenting to client leaders, designers, architects and peers in many capacities for the past 30 years. Her avid knowledge of Workplace Strategy, Design, Sales Processes, Product Solutions and a desire to inspire and inform led to the creation of dynamic and stimulating presentation events.



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April 29, 2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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