Home Away From Home. Yes, we’ve heard a lot of hotels talk about this but very few have actually taken this concept and redesigned their room spaces to truly make their guests feel at home. The InterContinental Hotels Group, on the other hand, are trying to make this concept real for their business and leisure travelers. At the recently concluded 2015 IHG Americas Owners Conference, they unveiled the new Holiday Inn guestroom design termed H4—happiness, hospitality, home and Holiday Inn.

According to Eric Lent, VP Americas for the Holiday Inn brand, “The new initiative is designed to make rooms feel more like home and allow travelers to transform the space based on their needs.”

Holiday Inn rooms now include a “welcome nook”—a space designed right as you enter the room to drop your keys and bags, plug in your mobile devices and hang scarves and coats…basically it mimics your experience of walking into your own home. Convertible furniture like trundle beds that can be used as twin beds or stored away as a sofa, and moveable desks add to this new ambience of home.

Elie Maalouf, CEO of the Americas for IHG, said that the intention for the brand redesign is to make the guest stay experience be more, “…transformative. It feels different, more like your residence than a hotel room.”

Source: Sean McCracken | New Holiday Inn guestrooms take homey look | October 2, 2015 | HotelNewsNow.com

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