As we return to the office, protocols and retrofits help our teams and our clients to maintain social distancing and limit possible disease transmission. With the workplace changing and evolving, new tensions have begun to develop surrounding how and where we work.

mobile teams, modular walls

The more mobile our world becomes, the more we need our built environments to adapt with us. Modular walls allow you to realize your design vision today and provide a platform for future change. Products like Steelcase V.I.A blend a sense of permanence with flexibility for evolving business needs and future technologies. Easily change the experience of a space by changing out skins and materials without tearing down walls. Want a more minimalist design? Products like Steelcase Lite Scale can be used to create an entire enclosure or applied as a glass front to spaces made with conventional architecture to create long runs of virtually seamless glass. Check out how we implemented V.I.A. at Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center!

oh my pod!

In today’s open settings, people seek private places for quiet thinking, private meetings, and focused work without obstructing open settings. Pods provide a great means of support for individuals and teams who spend their time switching gears from group work to solo focus tasks. Many include louvered ceilings, acoustic properties, and user-customized lighting and airflow functions.

The video below you can see just how easy it is to add a pod to your space!

power and sound

Fully equip your new spaces with power and noise control with Steelcase Thread and QT Pro s oundmasking.

Thread simplifies power distribution, providing power to the devices we use and the places where we work and learn. Thread’s simple kit of parts provides power to any space – whether in a cafe space or classroom – allowing under-utilized real estate to work harder.

Need better control of your space’s sound? The QTPro sound masking system provides exceptional sound masking in today’s changing workplace by helping reduce distraction and improving speech privacy.

For more inspiration, check out our latest Walls & Architectural Products Lookbook!

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