NeoCon 2023 was all about the hybrid worker, with emphasis on collaboration and storage tools! Throughout the Mart and Fulton Market, each manufacturer introduced their solutions to entice workers back into the office. Exciting new furniture introductions were complemented by muted-yet-playful color stories that brought fresh energy to each showroom. Below are the most impactful trends that we recognized.

Our favorite trends + finds from NeoCon 2023

Personal storageconvenient and secure solutions for personal items during the workday.

If you’re a hybrid worker, where do you store your personal items while working in the office? Now that hybrid work is here to stay, many workers don’t have dedicated workstations and are now in need of a place to secure their belongings during the workday.

Personal storage solutions were found across many NeoCon showrooms this year, exhibiting manufacturers’ acknowledgment of workers’ return to work needs. This year Steelcase introduced WorkValet, their latest addition to their storage portfolio! The WorkValet flexible system enables a variety of personal storage configurations for the hybrid neighborhood. Designed in three application typologies – bay, border and hub – WorkValet lockers allow you to find the best spot for your personal belongings.

Product below: Steelcase WorkValet

The perfect perch … make room for a quick sit and new possibilities.

Whether you’re perching for a quick chat or looking for a flexible posture solution for longer meetings, perching solutions were at the forefront this NeoCon. With the increased emphasis on movement in the workday, a transitional leaning stance relives pressure, engages the core, promotes healthy posture and keeps you in good proximity to others in the room. Nesting, stacking and powered perch products are all available to customize your spaces.

Product below from left to right: Senator CoLab, Sedus SE:Lab Hopper, Hightower Boulevard, Coalesse LessThanFive

New tech traditions… redefine the use of technology to empower the hybrid worker.

Odds are many of us have sat in a conference room with a camera high above the monitor, poor lighting, and complex tech setups. This year’s NeoCon technology trends focused on optimizing sights and sounds for hybrid collaboration and simplifying in-room technology.

The graceful curves of Steelcase’s Ocular table and Halcon’s Optic table create a more equitable hybrid meeting experience by making all in-room attendees visible to those online. Dropping the camera and soundbar below the monitor allows online attendees to engage at eye level, as if they were in the room together. Tabletop integrated technology simplifies the meeting experience by eliminating unsightly cords and remotes. And finally the introduction of specialized lighting, like the playful Moooi Pallana below, gives users the opportunity to tailor lighting to their needs and preferences. Pallana’s 360 degree spinning ring lights and dim-to-warm functionality support a flow of activities and moods throughout the day.

Products below: Steelcase Ocular table, Coalesse Marien512 chair, Moooi Pallana light

Cotton candy coated dreams… these are a few of our favorite things.

Fresh, playful tones were a staple this year, with emphasis on baby blue, mint and bubblegum pink. Color blocking and mixing of patterns on individual pieces created visually exciting vignettes and refreshed excitement for existing lines.

Manufacturers below: Martin Brattrud, Hightower, Arcadia, Martin Brattrud, Source International

Spaces overall were designed with an intentional softness- through the curves of furniture, earthy pastel finishes, and thoughtful accessorizing.

– Amy Wood, Southwest Design Manager

Best of NeoCon

Congratulations to Steelcase and our other vendor partners on their numerous awards at NeoCon 2023, including: 

  • Furniture: Enhancements to Furniture Systems – Silver Tonic Workbench by Watson
  • Furniture: Collections for Collaboration – Silver CoLab by Senator
  • Furniture: Collections for Collaboration – Gold Ocular by Steelcase
  • Furniture: Case Goods – Gold Uku Casegoods by Tuohy Furniture
  • Furniture: Conference Room Furniture – Gold Optic by Halcon
  • Furniture: Education Solutions – Silver In Out Office Monoplace by Andreu World
  • Furniture: Lounge Furniture Collections – Best of Competition & Gold Flote by Hightower
  • Furniture: Seating Modular – Silver Hub Sofa by Andreu World
  • Furniture: Seating Modular – Gold Luna by Stylex
  • Furniture: Seating Sofas & Lounge – Silver La Duna by Martin Brattrud
  • Furniture: Seating Sofas & Lounge – Business Impact Bolete Lounge BIQ by Andreu World
  • Furniture: Seating Sofas & Lounge – Sustainability Award Vooom by Via Seating
  • Furniture: Seating Benches – Gold Rowen by OFS
  • Furniture: Seating Conference – Gold Zen Conference by Davis Furniture
  • Furniture: Seating Ergonomic Desk/Task – Business Impact 4-UP by Via Seating
  • Furniture: Seating Guest – Silver Seba Chair by Davis Furniture
  • Furniture: Seating Guest – Gold Casta by Andreu World
  • Furniture: Seating Stacking – Silver & Sustainability Gala Pure Eco by Andreu World
  • Furniture: Seating Stacking – Silver Mudra by Davis Furniture
  • Furniture: Seating Stacking – Innovation Perle by Davis Furniture
  • Furniture: Seating Stools – Gold Ooty by Allermuir
  • Furniture: Storage – Silver OPTIC by Halcon
  • Furniture: Storage – Gold Compatta by Nucraft
  • Furniture: Tables Cafe – Silver Polina by Andreu World
  • Furniture: Tables Cafe – Gold Rowen Cafe by OFS
  • Furniture: Tables Communal – Silver Tonic Work Table by Watson 
  • Furniture: Tables Communal – Gold & Sustainability Tamara by Andreu World
  • Furniture: Tables Conference – Gold Vida by Davis Furniture
  • Furniture: Tables Occasional – Sustainability Bolete Occasional BIO by Andreu World
  • Furniture: Tables Occasional – Silver & Innovation Alla by Andreu World
  • Furniture: Tables Occasional – Gold Nazar by Andreu World
  • Furniture: Workplace Accessories – Business Impact Tate by OFS
  • Lighting: Decorative – Silver BuzziPebl Light by BuzziSpace
  • Outdoor: Furniture Seating – Gold & Sustainability Gala Pure Eco by Andreu World
  • Outdoor: Furniture Tables – Gold Tibo by Allermuir
  • Technology: Integrated Solutions – Silver OPTIC by Halcon
  • Acoustics & Privacy: Gold Snapcab LinkPro by SnapCab
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