We could have never imagined that while our marketing team was planning our spring edition of Elemeant, we would be working from home navigating a global health pandemic that is requiring us to practice physical distancing.

Our biggest focus is on the health and welfare of our team members, our clients and our community as we ride out this wave together and reunite again at the end. When and how we return is all unknown. Because I believe in the power of place, there are considerations that can help you maximize the effectiveness while you are working from home.

This lite version of Elemeant is made to help support people and teams who don’t normally work away from the office. With Steelcase’s research, and our own experience of working with teams across the globe, we hope that you find use in our solutions, tips and tricks.

We are here for you and stand with you as one community during this time.

Carlene Wilson, CEO

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