Atmosphere Commercial Interiors is bringing the showroom experience directly to clients, wherever they are. Showrooms—dubbed Worklabs for their organic and experimental feel—in Minneapolis, MN, Madison, WI and Phoenix, AZ, have been captured by a virtual tour platform that uses 3D cameras.

The project was executed during shelter-in-place orders, while our team members were working from home. Our workspaces were quiet so it was the perfect time to reimagine how we could collaborate and engage with our clients and inspire our design and real estate partners.

Carlene Wilson, CEO

Building on the success of their interactive design and budgeting tool, CET Designer, creating a new and immersive digital experience was an easy and natural step.

Our Worklabs are vital selling tools that demonstrate the power of space and tell design stories. They are created to be experienced directly—in person. Our spaces are important sources of information and inspiration for ourselves and our guests. More importantly, they serve as the backdrop by which our team members launch and nurture deep and lasting connections with our clients. So, our ability to extend our own spaces magnifies our value.

Craig Holst, Regional Vice President of Sales

Schedule a Guided Tour

Now that their workspaces are open by appointment, with new protocols for safe interactions, they have enjoyed providing a hybrid experience for their guests.

We can meet with clients for a discovery tour in one Worklab and pull up a second or third Worklab to show and compare alternatives. We recently toured a group of people on-site, and with my phone and Microsoft Teams, the off-site participants were able to join in too. Then, the entire group accessed the recorded tour afterwards.

Taylor Hudson, Marketing Specialist, Arizona

Our partners and buyers should feel empowered through every step of the project, from envisioning to final budget approval to unveiling.

We want our clients to feel welcomed and well-informed, whether they’re in a Worklab or visiting us online. We are excited to offer self-guided experiences that help demystify commercial furnishings.

Megan Sciera, Director of Marketing

Enter Virtual Worklabs

The Worklab in Phoenix, AZ has had a very busy schedule as a result of their summer renovation, hosting nearly 50 in-person and virtual tours.

We are proud of our Worklab and how it has iterated to meet the needs of businesses during ever changing times. The creativity and ideas in our Phoenix Worklab illustrate the ‘case for place’ and serve as inspirational thought starters to our clients as they navigate through their growth and return to the workplace. In addition to inspiring our clients, our Worklab also creates a dynamic place for our own team to do their best and most creative work.

Jeff Anderson, Vice President, Arizona

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