Intuitive, aesthetic, and literally transformative

Everwall, an architectural wall system from Steelcase, was designed based on research and insights indicating a need for a wall system that could quickly and easily transform interior spaces. Combing the benefits of prefabricated and traditional stick-built systems Everwall’s unique hybrid unitized system provides the speed and simplicity of a unitized system but retains the design freedom and the reconfigurability of a stick-built system.

Everwall The Latest & Greatest

As Brad, our architectural walls specialist says, “Everwall is the most thoughtfully designed wall line on the market today.” This is clear from the performance and design features included.

Performance features-

Hybrid-unitized systems: Everwall’s unique design retains the best features of unitized and stick-built systems, allowing for both ease of installation and design freedom.

Acoustic performance: With acoustic seals in just the right places – including on frames, skins and doors – Everwall achieves high levels of acoustic privacy.

Ceiling track: The ceiling track connects to any common ceiling type and allows glass and solid panels to easily tilt in and lock into place.

Design features-

Glass front options: A vast array of options that create beautiful glass fronts for any environment, while meeting performance, aesthetic and price point needs.

Expanded materials: An expanded material palette including lux paints and a broader range of laminate, fabrics and markerboard options allows Everwall to meet the needs of any space.

Hardware options: A broad range of handles, ladder pulls and hinges including satin stainless, polished chrome and all-new black hardware finishes help achieve an elevated aesthetic.

To learn more about Everwall and transform your space visit Steelcase!

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