After two-years filled with unknowns and significant changes to the way we work, we are happy to report that NeoCon 2022 proved to be the bustling, inspiring, and connected industry event that we were craving! Throughout showroom spaces, NeoCon 2022 showcased how each manufacturer has adapted to transformations in the workplace— many of which wove hybrid, collaboration, and privacy into their stories. Below are the most impactful trends that we recognized.

Our favorite trends + finds from NeoCon 2022

Micro Spaces… each space matters!

Post-pandemic is showing us that people prefer flexibility in their day— the ability to move from an open, collaborative workspace to an enclosed, private place for virtual calls and heads-down time is an important floorplan shift that needs to be supported.

Incorporating micro spaces allows individuals more flexibility and privacy— expect to see a continued increase in pods, small enclaves, and booths throughout workplace designs.

Equitable Hybrid Spacesconnecting teams virtually.

As more people return to the physical office, it’s important that there’s accommodations for larger hybrid team meetings.

Here, Steelcase collaborated with Microsoft to shift display space design from portrait to landscape to create a more equitable meeting experience for all attendees– in-person and remote. This room also accommodates for an appropriate camera angle, clear view of the large screen, and soft uplighting.

Private Offices… but refreshed and shared.

Private office spaces are popping up everywhere. What recently was a declining trend is now being refreshed and reimagined into smaller footprints with expectations that the space is reservable and shared.

Bold, earthy tones… and every shade of green.

Best of NeoCon

Congratulations to Steelcase and our other vendor partners on their numerous awards at NeoCon 2022, including: 

  • Best of Competition Helm by Halcon
  • Collections for Collaboration- Silver Fleet by OFS
  • Conference Room Furniture- Gold Forsi by Keilhauer
  • Education Solutions- Silver Sorta by OFS
  • Education Solutions- Gold Tenor by Steelcase
  • Lounge Furniture Collections- Gold In Out Office by Andreu
  • Seating: Conference- Silver Sola by Davis
  • Seating: Conference- Gold Cofi by HON
  • Seating: Guest- Silver Gimbal Jr. Lounge by Hightower
  • Seating: Guest- Gold Oru by Andreu World
  • Seating: Modular- Silver Alloro by Bernhardt
  • Seating: Modular- Gold Raglan by Andreu World
  • Innovation Award Amobi by AMQ
  • Innovation Award Mariya by Andreu
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