The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) celebrated its grand opening in Phoenix, Arizona last week, and Target Commercial Interiors is proud to have played a major role in the planning of this fantastic new venue.

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The goal of MIM is to collect and display musical instruments from every country in the world, preserving, protecting, and sharing these gifts with future generations.

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Museum guests will enjoy a close encounter with the instruments themselves, enhanced by state-of-the art audio and video that bring to life the sounds and sights of these instruments as experienced in their cultures of origin.

Live performances by internationally renowned artists in MIM’s theater will give guests an opportunity to hear the music from every corner of the globe in an intimate, comfortable environment with superb acoustics.

Target Commercial Interiors teams from Minnesota, Arizona and India worked on all aspects of this project, not only the planning and providing of furniture throughout the building, but extensive work with the MIM design team in preparing the installation drawings that the curators worked from for final placement of the exhibits.

We are proud to be a part of this new museum, truly like no other in the world.

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