Like many businesses that were able to send their workforces home with laptops, our team members are performing their jobs and staying connected, from home. Our organization has worked ‘remotely’ for a good many years, so our transition away from an office space has created little disruption.

How did we manage this? Our approach to shared and individual workspaces relies largely on ‘choice and control’.  More than a trendy phrase, it’s a thoroughly practical and tested strategy.  In our WORKLABs, our architecture, technology, and furniture are integrated and easily reconfigurable, or mobile. The result is that even in an office, our workforce is ‘remote’, and largely by choice, nomadic.

As great as this flexibility sounds, the strength of our culture relies on our ability to interact in-person, and our ability to individually and collectively live our core values.  Since we have moved communication online 100%, we are figuring out how to enrich our culture and experience without the social benefits of a shared physical space.

We asked our Human Resources Director, Myra Basar, for her feel-good playlist that she’s been sharing with team members as she checks-in with them.  These are important connections that remind us we’re in this together, learning, growing, and hopefully, still laughing.

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And finally, laughter, music, and inspirational stories are always helpful in times like these. Here are some Daily Boosts that team members have been sharing on our internal social channel. They have truly helped team members laugh, share moments of joy and feel connected even in a virtual world.

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Throttle ft. David Spekter – Together (Official Lyric Video)

Songs for Social Distancing – Parody Medley

Uplifting Coronavirus Moments

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