Vail School District opened in 1903 as a one-room schoolhouse. Now over 100 years later, the District is widely recognized as a lighthouse district leading in effective instruction and innovation. Most recently Vail opened its 22nd school; Mica Mountain High School. MMHS, which opened in July 2020, intentionally provides a wide variety of opportunities, both academically and extracurricular, and includes unique features like a student union, collaboration spaces, and leadership/character education.

The design of this innovative, state-of-the-art high school allows for future growth, with plans to accommodate 2,500 students within the next five years. The student union, houses (classroom buildings), and house staff building feature pieces from SteelcaseSmith SystemKIGlobal Industrial, and Great Openings.

The Smith System Interchange Diamond Desk, which can be arranged in compact groups of up to six, is designed for collaborative learning and makes the classrooms at Mica Mountain incredibly flexible. Teachers and students are encouraged to reconfigure their workspaces to reflect the day’s tasks or individual workstyles. The Theorem Cantilever chair, Smith System’s seating line designed for 9th-12th grade students, allows students to choose their seating position; working or slightly reclined. Unlike traditional school chairs, Theorem provides the feeling of continuous support, whether the student is sitting up for the table surface work or looking up to participate in discussions.

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