Shades of Green

The importance of living in a sustainable way is found everywhere. The advertisements between your favorite shows, the pages within…

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Working Green: Office

According to Duke University‚Äôs Center for Sustainability and Commerce, the average person generates 4.3 pounds of waste per day. This…

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The possibilities of a shipping container

Sustainable Office Design for a Green Tomorrow

London architect James Whitaker loves to have fun as is evidenced through his office design for an ad agency in…

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TED Talk: Steve Howard and sustainability

“Steve Howard leads the sustainability effort at Ikea, helping the low-price-furniture giant to bring sustainable products to millions of people.”…

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Higher productivity in LEED buildings?

Perceived Increase in Productivity in LEED Certified Buildings

According to a study conducted by researchers from Michigan State University, employees who worked in LEED-certified buildings were more productive…

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LEED US Green Building Council

New York College Earns LEED Gold

Monroe Community College’s (MCC) Gleason Hall for Science and Technology in Rochester, New York has earned Leadership in Energy and…

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10 Steps to An Effective Office Recycling Challenge

Competition is an excellent motivator to promote green behavior. Ask Amy Marpman, director of recycling services at Great Forest Inc.,…

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Recycling at A&M Business Services

Sustainable Practices: Recycling in the Furniture Industry

An interview with Kevin Rose, Operations Manager, A&M Business Interiors, our service partner. A&M is an operating company of Omni…

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Green Design

A Milan Skyscraper With A Forest Inside It

A green jungle sprouting within a concrete jungle? Well, legendary Italian architect Stefano Boeri and his team at Boeri Studios…

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Greening the Urban Skyline

Profiles of three iconic American skyscrapers highlight the latest efforts to make buildings more energy efficient. The Empire State Building…

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The Future of EcoLabeling

To better understand and discern between environmental product claims, A&D professionals need to stay apprised as to the latest developments…

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Fabric of the Future: Innovative Design Materials to Come

These eleven new design materials and technologies offer a glimpse into where innovation is taking us, both in terms of…

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