The Institute for Creative Educational Leadership (ICL) at Boston University’s School of Education offers a one-year intensive program for experienced and aspiring school leaders. Participants will be a part of a small learning community focused on community collaboration.

In an effort to foster a community-wide learning environment, the ICL is working to foster coalitions between educational and community leaders.

This week, Learning Lab spoke with ICL co-founder Linda Nathan, who hopes to share her expertise with other school leaders. Nathan is the former co-director of Fenway High School, founding Headmaster of Boston Arts Academy and has worked in Boston Public Schools for 35 years.

Nathan spoke with Learning Lab about the role of the new center, leadership training, and re-imagining schools. Read her interview. (Image via Shutterstock)

Source: Peter Balonon-Rosen | 5 Questions With Institute For Creative Educational Leadership Founder Linda Nathan | August 26, 2014 | Learning Lab

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