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The Madison location continues the long history of office furniture sales and service which began in 1949 with Rowley, Schlimgen & Jones (RS&J). Founded as an office supplies company, RS&J gradually sent so many leads to the growing office furniture division that the supply and machine divisions were sold in the 1990s, and Rowley-Schlimgen became solely focused on corporate interiors.

Rowley-Schlimgen’s first location was on State Street in Madison. After that they moved to 307 E. Wilson Street in the 1960s, which allowed for expansion and warehousing.

When R&S bought out Jones in the late 1970s, they left E. Wilson Street and moved to E. Washington Avenue to showcase their partnership with Steelcase and house an expanded staff.

Rowley-Schlimgen moved to 1020 John Nolen Drive in 1998, was purchased by Dayton’s Commercial Interiors (out of Minneapolis) in 2000, and later renamed Target Commercial Interiors in 2004.

In 2014, the office relocated to its present location, 999 Fourier Drive on the west side of Madison.


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Lindsay, Stone & Briggs


Longtime Madison marketing firm Lindsay, Stone & Briggs has moved into its new, “open studio” offices on the Capitol Square, and launched an experiment in boosting creativity through radically re-engineered work spaces.

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