Planning Resources

Workplace Knowledge

From planning to procurement to disposal, our commitment is to respond to you as your business grows and your needs change. Embedded into every Atmosphere Commercial Interiors product and service is the understanding of how work gets done and how great spaces can help. This expertise helps us plan for and address your needs throughout the life-cycle of any space.

Space Planning and Project Layout

Planning Resources will work with your team of designers and other professionals to collect and utilize pertinent information on business objectives, organizational strategy, departmental and employee requirements, work styles and preferences. We will provide office furniture drawings that include plans, elevations, and instructions that result in quality office furniture installations. And we will create 3-D renderings to provide a true picture of products and solutions.

We offer Product Application expertise that includes product solutions which satisfy specific design and client criteria. Product Specification means we provide detailed product information including dimensions, appropriate options, finishes, cost and lead times. And lastly, Budgeting includes estimates of product costs and associated service costs to assist clients in establishing budgets.

Project Management

Purchasing furniture depends upon a complex set of decisions about the way furniture meets business needs, how it will fit within your workspace, and how to get it where you need it. Our Project Management team works with you to bring insightful planning and processes to your project. We oversee every aspect of the furniture project management process, including budget adherence, schedule coordination, and timely reporting at every step.

Specialty Services


Our knowledge of your company, your culture and how you like things done means we can provide a consistent level of service around the globe. Your first step with us puts qualified product and service partners in action wherever you need them – accountable for the same level of performance you have come to expect from us.

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You can finance services like interior design, delivery, and installation as well as furniture. While our financing and lease options provide financial alternatives to using cash or your bank lines of credit, we think your workplace strategy can also impact the option you choose.

FF&E Procurement

For FF&E Procurement, we will manage your project through a Single Point of Contact. We ensure project execution related to furniture is on schedule, meets the budget and scope criteria and conforms to quality standards. We implement strategies for best methods to ensure project success from the furniture planning phase to project closeout, and we maintain timely communication of project status, issues and other relevant information with the client project team.

Operational Services

Our advantage is based on superior technology, people, state-of-the-art facilities, dedication to the client, and a commitment to flawless execution. The use of industry specific, web-based technology allows us to interface directly with clients and manage the decentralized workforce in real time, accurately and with consistency.

Employee training programs prepare our team members before they walk on to customers’ sites and as they grow in their job responsibilities. We utilize 180,000 square feet of racked, secure, climate-controlled warehouse, a fleet of 34 delivery vehicles and over 135 fully trained installation technicians throughout the organization that differentiate us from other service providers.

Move Management and On-Site Facility Services

Our team can manage every aspect of your move so you can focus on your business.


Our relocation coordinators oversee the moving process to ensure a smooth transition into new space, making sure every phase of the move, from pre-move planning to final cleaning, is communicated to all. You will have access to a professional project manager who can reconfigure your facilities, manage a move to a new office, or help standardize your facilities process. An on-site project manager can handle all the logistics of reconfiguring a department, moving to a new site, or closing an office.

  • Pre-installation site inspections
  • Electrical/data access point coordination
  • Building management coordination
  • Furniture installation management
  • Delivery and installation access mapping
  • On-site delivery and installation supervision
  • Field change order development and coordination

Delivery and Installation

Our full-service delivery fleet ensures that your products arrive safely when you need them, supporting product transfers, pick-ups and deliveries. Starting with a master plan, the installation project manager personally develops and manages all product receiving and installation schedules and phasing plans, coordinating assignments of trained team members to meet every milestone.

  • Installation Services
  • Installation Project Management


We provide prompt and professional day-to-day facility changes– with the goal of minimizing downtime and inconvenience. Our highly trained office furniture teams can quickly and efficiently move, reconfigure or add to all furniture elements.

  • Move, Add, Change Services
  • Furniture Disposition
  • On-Site Facility Services
  • Service Work, Repair and Cleaning
Warehousing and Asset Management

We own and operate fully-racked warehouses controlled by a web-based inventory tracking and management program. An automated barcode inventory system tracks all in/out transactions, maintains an up-to-date inventory and determines the availability of your product for future projects.

From cataloging furniture quantities, furniture condition, availability and colors, to location of furniture component parts and coordinating delivery, our asset management software uses bar code technology to capture important information that makes asset management fast, accurate and more efficient.