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Flock not only brings people together, it also allows furnishings to come together.

Its seating, tables and lighting elements blend seamlessly with other HON products in a variety of settings, from workstations to community areas. The clean lines and distinctive geometrical profiles for the seating were designed not only to complement HON products, but allow users to easily mix and match to achieve the desired configuration. The entire collection features neutral finishes and vibrant fabrics that coordinate with any aesthetic.

Think of Flock as a collaborative solution as flexible and adaptable as you.


Brian_Kane_HON_Flock“Brian Kane has spent over 40 years designing furnishings that have radically changed the industry and reshaped environments. His work has garnered more than 80 design awards, and his pieces are on exhibit at museums such as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.”

Brian Kane,
Designer of Flock