This article provides readers with a blueprint for purchasing workstation furniture. It begins by admonishing readers about the complexity and pitfalls of designing office interiors and the advantages of forging a strong relationship with a dealer that has extensive systems furniture experience. Early dealer involvement is deemed critical as “too many communication/data/ electrical/lighting decisions that need to be made early in the process require the dealer’s involvement.” Guidelines for working with dealers are provided, as are guidelines for dealer selection and client expectations.

The author discusses the value of scale drawings and providing the dealer a detailed overview of what employees do and how they do it. The need for any special lighting or noise reduction must be communicated to the dealer, as well as the degree of resource sharing expected and the extent of how employees interact and function.

The relative advantages and disadvantages of single versus multiple vendor approaches is dealt with and the article ends with a list of tips culled from the Internet to make your cubicle more comfortable and serene.

Source: Karen Wormald, Office Solutions; May/Jun, 2006

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