This interesting article by Sarah Granger brings up the oft-debated topic of adaptability at workplace. Working mothers have long been struggling for workplace flexibility.

In addition, today’s work force is experiencing rising obesity and disability levels. A sick and injured workforce is often perceived as unprofitable and is often forced out resulting in unemployment and poverty.

We also have veterans who now need jobs and special accommodations. Unless the workplace becomes more adaptable there will be serious socio-economic consequences at the family, public health, elder care, unemployment, economic sustainability and survival levels.

Everyone suffers—mothers, fathers, kids… the entire family unit and society as a whole. According to the Granger, “I learned that an attitude of adaptability and flexibility allows people to think outside the box in other ways, opening up new opportunities both personally and professionally.”

For the sake of future generations, a healthy society and improved work ethics, it’s important that companies make adaptability a top priority. And fast!

Source: Sarah Granger | June 21, 2012 |
workplace flexibility

“A recent study found that men who didn’t vent about unfair treatment at work doubled their chances of heart disease and heart attack.”

Beware, your job may be killing you

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