Impress (or appall) your colleagues at your next conference table get-together by using one or more of the new corporate buzz words found at

  • blab slab: A tricked-out cell phone loaded with all the extras. Often shortened to just “slab.”
  • egolock: When an exec makes a bad decision, refuses to admit it, [won’t] change, and holds steadfast until the bitter end.
  • golden bungee: A lucrative executive severance package that not only pays the executive to step down from his or her current position, but then pays them to continue with the company in another role.
  • seagull platform: Generally a break room or common area, where food is left out for employees to eat. Donuts, bagels, etc. One minute they’re there, the next they’re gone.
  • tea stirrer: Someone who always looks busy but produces little or nothing.


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