This article looks into the future in an effort to identify the top ten workplace trends for 2010 and beyond. It begins by making the case that the recovering economy will result in a new wave of options and outside offers focused on top performers in every sector of business. Agile companies will quickly move to acquire the new talent they need and will work harder to keep their best people from the clutches of competitors. This is not to say that spending will approach pre-recessionary levels; the economic meltdown has shown prudent money management to be a matter of life or death in business. Spending is expected to be careful and quite focused, with a more level remuneration playing field. Readers are also introduced to an array of exciting and innovative benefits and inducements that will help to capture or keep top talent.

The article then focuses on the sort of visionary leadership that will be needed to attract the up and coming Gen-X and Gen-Y workforce. The author expects that non-essential jobs will continue to be outsourced, with the heart of the business consisting of dynamic leaders and their high-performance core of key staff. These people will not be lifelong employees, however, but will work in five to ten year stints and then move on.

A look at the ten key trends identified in this article will assure readers that greening and sustainability “will be the buzz of this next decade.” One of the more interesting predictions: Current efforts to block or ban social networking sites will be thwarted by emerging Internet-connected cell phones that can easily bypass corporate network systems. Employers will quickly accept the inevitable and embrace Facebook, Twitter and other emerging social networks as critical business marketing tools.

Source: Anonymous, Work Trends To Benefit Top Employees, The Star (Johannesburg), February 25, 2010

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