Work Is A Home Away From Home – Even Down To The Net Curtains; Office Design Is Less Utilitarian And Is Embracing A More Friendly Future, Reports Rebecca O’Connor.

This article exposes readers to a homier vision of office design emanating from across the pond. According to this author, the last decade’s growth in Broadband wireless and Blackberries has resulted in a greater demand for teleworking opportunities among workers. Companies there have responded by pushing designers to upgrade office spaces, with an emphasis on homey touches. Designers, for their part, have been seeking commercial work as the housing market downturn has shrunk the market for plush show homes. This process, notes the author, has also been fueled by the current push to reduce the carbon footprint of offices, with its attendant upgrades in eco-friendly lighting, heating, and furnishings. Among the additional office design trends identified here:

  • An expansion of open plan break areas that helps staff brainstorm and increases teamwork, creativity and productivity.
  • Ergonomic setups of workstations to keep workers healthy.
  • Offices with residential features so that people feel that they’re working at home or at least in a comfortable village.

Source: Rebecca O’Connor, Work is a Home Away from Home, The Times (London), February 17, 2010

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