A new wireless economy exists, driven by downsizing and outsourcing at large companies, increased traffic congestion that deters commuting and the near universal spread of wireless Internet service. According to this author, the new office is the Internet coffee house, where Gen X, Y and Z multitaskers find the bustling environment they crave. For the cost of a cappuccino the independent contractor has a well-lit workspace, clean bathrooms and high-speed Internet access and coworkers are instantly available through email, webcams and call phones.

This article attempts to provide new “café capitalists” with a guide to this new office milieu, together with a list of “commandments for java businesspeople” which includes such commonsense tenets as don’t monopolize the tables during the morning or lunch-hour rush. Suggestions for such things as lengths of stay, minimum purchases and tipping frequency and amounts are also provided.

Source: Bo Emerson, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution; May 7, 2007

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