WiMAX is technology that connects people more quickly and moves data faster and at greater distances than ever before. It provides access via local area networks, on a specific network and, within a certain range, provides fixed, portable, nomadic and soon mobile connectivity over many miles rather than the short range of Wi-Fi.

Working in much the same way as cell phones, WiMAX service bounces from tower to tower so the connection never drops. The technology has already been incorporated into notebook computers and PDAs. The author notes that U.S. testing is underway to introduce mobile WiMAX in trial markets by year’s end, while Sprint, Intel, Motorola and Samsung are partnering to deploy a mobile WiMAX network to 100 million users in early 2008.

As noted by the director of marketing at Intel’s WiMAX program, “We really think this is a life-changing technology. The next generation will live in an always-connected world, and WiMAX is the way to deliver that.”

Source: Fiona Haley, Black Enterprise (New York); Nov, 2007

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