One look at modern looking “industrial chic” lofts and the cozy living room-look of Starbucks seems to confirm the notion that the great divide between office furniture and home furnishings no longer exists. This article looks at nine new office furniture offerings found at the June NeoCon event — the contract furniture industry’s premier trade show — that have definite home potential, including:

  • A rocking footrest designed to fit under a desk that provides foot and leg support to ease pressure on the lower back while promoting healthful movement.
  • A LCD screen framed and matted to resemble a painting, complete with access to a databank of over 50,000 digital images licensed from art libraries, photography collections and individual artists that allows an “evolving art” display.
  • A new chair by designer Don Chadwick with a suspension seat, easy adjustments and a smaller footprint than the Aeron chair.

Source: Karen Klages, Knight Ridder Tribune News Service (Washington); Jun 23, 2005

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