Apple has long been renowned for not only its products but also its awesome work culture. It has steadily attracted the brightest of minds, which in turn have helped the company attract a loyal fan following.

Steve Jobs proved that the formula for a successful company is based not just upon brilliant inventions, but also on the ability to build a culture that attracts and retains loyal employees and satisfied customers. In a business setting, culture defines the essence of the organization.

It needs to be gently nurtured, like an infant, in order to have sustainable growth that attracts and embraces everyone—employees and clients. According to the author, “Culture, by nature, is closely linked to the collective character and shared values of individuals who make up a group.”

Hiring leaders and managers who do not share the company’s culture and vision is a formula for disaster, as illustrated by author Alan Hall’s very own experiences. He shares with us some of his smart hiring tips — ensure that new hires fully understand the organization’s culture; make the company’s culture non-negotiable; establish a cultural mandate that recommends how employees should behave. After all, a happy employee is a profitable employee.

Source: Alan Hall | 27 June, 2012 | Forbes

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