The key to making better decisions may involve a simple recipe of fresh air and and a good pair of walking shoes. Leaders are increasingly getting out of their chairs and conducting walking meetings, whether it is to get some quiet time, fresh air, or they need more privacy than they can get in their workspace.

An article in Bloomberg by Margaret Talev and Carol Hymowitz on the subject of walking meetings reads like a who’s who of prominent corporate and political minds.  From Western Union, to Priceline, Linkedin and Twitter, and even to the White House, leaders are setting a new standard for effective meeting time. Stepping out of your normal work environment invites a paradigm shift, add fresh air and extra blood flow to your brain, and Bam, new thoughts and ideas flood in.

Check out the various ways and reasons today’s decision-makers are putting meetings in motion. (Image via Shutterstock)

Source: Margaret Talev and Carol Hymowitz | Walking is the new Sitting for Decision Makers | Bloomberg | April 29, 2014

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