Telecommuters all across the world are protesting Yahoo CEO, Marissa Meyer’s decision requiring all employee attend office. The writer of this article actually applauds Ms. Meyer’s memo and highlights some of the pitfalls of having a virtual workforce:

There may be less opportunity for collaboration: Small companies thrive on innovation. However, the best ideas often come from casual conversations that start over coffee or lunch, which would be near impossible if your team was not around.

It could become difficult to understand the company’s direction: Execution of a new business strategy can occur only when your employees collectively understand your business goals.

Your company culture may be lost: It is impossible to maintain your organization’s culture without any employees around. Good old-fashioned teamwork is what builds a company.

Low producers could fly under the radar: Mandatory office attendance would force those employees with questionable work ethics to quit on their own.

Source: Stephanie Vozza | 4 Reasons Telecommuting Can Be Bad for Business | February 26, 2013 |

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